Ernesto – You Suck

Ernesto – You Suck

This was supposed to be my final training weekend before the Half Ironman. I had planned a 100 mile ride on Saturday and a 40 mile ride on Sunday. Just enough to keep the legs ready for what is going to be a difficult race.

Now there is only one thing that will keep me off the bike. It is RAIN. No, I will not melt and  I will finish a ride if it starts raining during the ride. But I won’t start a ride in the rain. I will race in the rain, but because i don’t get paid to do this, I don’t have to train in the rain. It’s my Kryptonite.

Ok, let’s roll back to Saturday. I get up early and go get some coffee and the paper. It is raining, but I am optimistic that it will stop. The radar looks sporadic over Westfield. It isn’t raining that hard and Im even willing to ride in the rain if anyone shows up. 8AM comes and nobody shows, so I decide to throw on the running shoes and do a 7 mile run. At least it’s something and I do need to work on my running. The run was nice and the light rain was enough to keep you cool. I finish the run and the rain is letting off. I check the radar and it’s green all around us. The heck with the bike, Im going to work on the electronics in the cellar. Of course, the rain stopped! But it is Windy!

Ernesto, you Tropical piece of…………….

Sunday morning comes and again it’s raining. I head to the coffee shop and back to the house. At this point it is not raining, ITS POURING. The ride is definitely out. But i think I will suck it up and do a 10 mile run. Maybe it will stop raining while Im out there.

Today i am running part of the Half marathon course (my street has the dreaded hill). Of course the minute I take a right out of my driveway Im already on that hill (No warmup). It’s kinda fun to see your heart rate go from 50 bpm to 170 bpm in about 8 seconds. I get about a quarter mile up the hill and one of the neighbor’s stop me. He knew i just moved in and ask’s me “Are you a Drummer ?”. I laugh and say “Yes I am”. I didn’t say that, but I should have.

Ok, back to the run. The miles go by fast and the rain has gone from pouring to pouring hard. Now my shirt has become a layer of skin and my sleeves are filled with water. You could even see my heart rate monitor under my shirt (that’s why all the ladies were getting hot and beeping at me). Or they thought they were beeping at the Rock Star that lives down the street (nobody beeped, Im just on a roll). With about a half mile to go the rain slowed down just in time for me to finish. Thanks again Ernesto.

All in all I should thank the weather for helping to get me out there running. I ran 17 miles in 2 days and my knee didn’t react at all. So……Thanks Ernesto?