NASCAR – You gotta see it in person

NASCAR – You gotta see it in person

What does NASCAR stand for? I think i now know. It stands for: Nuts About Smashing Cars And Rednecks!

No this does not mean that I am giving up on training and buying a Nextel headset, a case of beer, and a new wardrobe with big numbers all over. I just love cars and had to see a race in person. And it was worth every penny. The experience of hearing the roar, the incredible speed, smelling the race fuel, trying to figure who’s on what lap and the 140,000 Rednecks. It is like going to a ball game (it’s 10 times better than seeing it on TV). You get the fan’s reaction around you for 40 different cars, not just 2 teams.

It ended up being a long day so I wasn’t able to sneak in any training. We left the house at 2:45AM and returned at Midnight (long day with about 650 miles of driving). I even did some drafting on the way home.

What did I learn:

Watching left hand turns for 4 hours is pretty cool.