Philly Half Marathon

Philly Half Marathon

The original plan was to go to Philly and run the Half while Mark runs the full Marathon. Then he got injured and I decided to continue with the plan anyways. Plus Kelly, Laura & Paul were running the half also (Laura and Paul’s first half).

A few days before the race we got a call from brian Donohue and he was in Philly and needed a place to crash. Plus he was willing to run with me. I told him my plan was to run steady and not real fast. What i was shooting for a time in the one thirties (a 1:35 would be great).  I know it’s not fast, but I haven’t raced a longer distance race in several years and my best time is only around 1:26.

but a 13 mile run is no joke and I figure I can get about 9 miles out of the pile of sugar and dough

So the morning starts out with a run to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and a Sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant. I order the coffee and find out that it’s to early and they don’t have any breakfast sandwiches. Plan B: The coffee roll (don’t try this at home). I have done many races on the coffee roll, but a 13 mile run is no joke and I figure i can get about 9 miles out of the pile of sugar and dough. So, what I will do is put a GU packet in my glove and down that around mile 9.

Because winter doesn’t seem to be in full kick, Brian and I have decided to go with shorts and a tee shirt (its about 40 now and they are talking about a high of around 49 for the day). As we get outside it is cool, but not cold. We walk to the start area and try to see if we can hook up with anyone else who made the trek down to Philly from the Cyclonauts. With 14 thousand runners it’s hard enough to stay together, never mind finding someone else. So we check our sweats in and head to the start line. Brian and I line up towards the front so that we don’t have to fight our way through the people who don’t line up where they should.

The announcer yells go! and of we go. We are able to get going and settle into a good pace. The first split I caught was mile 2 and it was around 13:38. This is a little fast but not unreasonable. I fell good and Brian is at my side and we are able to make small talk here and there. Mile markers 3 and 4 are all messed up and now Im not even going to worry about the times. i just want to keep running at the 6:50 pace for as long as I can. As we approach mile 5 my necklace feels like it is about to fall off, so i give it a tug and now Im carrying it. Now I got a Gu in one hand and the necklace in the other. Maybe I will see someone on the sidelines that I know (How stupid was that though, there are 100,000 spectators and Im in Philly). At about mile 6 Brian tells me to continue on because he can’t get his heart rate below 199. A few minutes later i see Jill on the sidelines and I throw her the necklace (what are the odds of that). At mile 7 there is a long gradual hill and then again at mile 9 there is a steeper hill into the park. I ran both hills strong, but I can now start feeling my body fade. This kinda sucks because Im on pace to run about a 1:29. So I down the GU and I hope for the best. As I approach mile 11, I am starting to get lightheaded and things are getting ready to go bad quick. this is were you have to dig deep and just continue on. I get to 12 and now I know I can suck it up for the final 1.1 miles. I cruise up the final hill and roll into the finish in 1:31:07. 10th in my division and 89th overall. WOW, Im actually happy with that.

Running is strange, you just never know what the day will be like