She lived a great life

She lived a great life

Mandy had some complications and was put down Friday afternoon.

If you ever met her, she left an impression. She had to go everywhere we would go or would bite at our heels if we made her stay home. If she did stay home, she would get so worked up that she would eat the curtains (or the bed sham or my shoe laces). She thought she was human and had to do everything we did. She even came to work with us.

Let’s back up 8 years:

We got her from the puppy store at the Holyoke Mall after several beers at Uno’s. She was this calm little puppy laying in the corner of the kennel. We laid down the coin and took her home. Come to find out she was the Devil in disguise. She ran around our room all night long and by 6AM I was ready to give her back. This should have been the sign that she ain’t right.

She would piss me off, but she was impossible to hate. One of her favorite things to do was to lick my pillow before I would call it a night. Just imagine laying back into a soggy pillow. I would get so pissed, then I would think “that little bitch got me again”. Grab a towel, lay it down and sleep it off.