Eating on the Bike ……… Literally

Eating on the Bike ……… Literally

One piece left, anybody want it? …………… Good Stuff

There is nothing like the taste of a powerbar that is stuck to your top tube and has been sun dried. Yum Me! Aside from the occasional bugs catching a ride and the road grime, it ain’t that bad.

The reason for the powerbar was that today’s workout was an ironman training day. So the goal is to get your nutrition while moving and making minimal quick stops for fluid refills. This ride was also a pace management exercise. The key was to take it easy early and maintain the power throughout the complete ride. The route was our flat one from Westfield/Southwick to the Vermont border and back. A nice 110 miles from my house and 120 if you did the full ride from Bill Terry’s house at 7AM. Some would say that the 110 doesn’t count if you didn’t do the posted 120 miles.

Top 6 Reason’s why I don’t give a sh!t:

1. Because i went to a party the night before, I wanted to sleep as late as possible and I gained an hour by skipping the early loop. Plus I was drinking keg beer (which doesn’t play well with GU and powerbars in you stomache).

2. I just did the 120 mile Vermont thing a month ago (FunFest). Plus I did 300 miles in 3 days.

3. I ran 4 miles after the 110 mile ride. How many miles did Bill run?

4. I knew it would piss Matt off if I didn’t do the 120.

5. Why not do 150 and then we could call it an Epic Ride! ……………. Whatever

6. Since when is 110 considered a sissy ride? Note: I think Matt rode 50 miles today.

The crew that showed up at my house was DeLuca and Rich Conroy (for the wimpy 110). Bill Terry and Dave Haulch (new guy) did the Epic 120 and Mike Cousins, Thierry C met us on the course (wimps also?). The ride was a blast and went by fast. Because of the cooler temps I always felt fresh and never had that dehydrated feeling. We took it easy on the way to VT, plus we had a slight headwind. Then the ride back was a little more peppy and this is a good time to light it up and stretch out the legs with a nice tailwind. At around mile 90 when we hit Noho we had an average speed of around 20.7 and would have easily got that up to 21 by Westfield, but this is were some were starting to feel it and we took it easy through Easthampton. this might have been Rich’s first century?

When we got back to my house, Tom and I went for a nice 30 minute run along the golf course. My legs felt great and might be somewhat ready for the bike portion of the Ironman. Now I have to continue to Nurse my ankle so that I can run than 3-4 miles (26 miles is far). My swimming sucks, only because of my lack of it with the building construction going on.

So what does this mean for Lake Placid? My swim will suck, I should make up some ground on the bike and Im not sure if I will complete the run. I don’t want to injure my ankle so bad that I can’t run for the Florida Ironman in November