If you can run 3 miles, you can do an Ironman?

If you can run 3 miles, you can do an Ironman?

I know I coined the phrase “If you can run 3 miles, you can run a Marathon”. I have preached this to everyone who I’ve met along the way. This has come up during countless conversations and now it was my turn to Practice what I’ve been Preaching. The good news is that I will have a 112 mile bike ride to warm up the legs.

My foot has been messed up for over a year and I continued to run in pain until I finally stress fractured my heal in July and was forced to pack up the running shoes and give up running for 3 months. Knowing that I had to do an Ironman in less that 3.5 months. My goal was to start running after Firmman and hope that i could squeeze in a few long runs before Ironman in November. Well, Firmman came and went and my foot wasn’t even close to being ready to run. The problem was that I was spending 10-16 hours a day standing on it at work and all I was doing was irritating the hell out of it (and I wasn’t giving it time to heal). Now Im getting worried that Im not going to be able to run and will have to drop out of the Ironman. Then next game plan was to swim, bike and drop out. This would mean that I would have to quit. Then I started to think about al the teammates who have struggled through the Ironman over the years. They sucked it up and finished! I know that an injury is slightly different, but my injury would not prevent me from walking. Now my goal was to swim and bike at a good clip and then give myself 10 hours to walk the Marathon (Yes, walk the whole 26.2 miles). Now this is do-able! So with 3 weeks to go I try a 20 minute run after a long ride and the foot isn’t that bad (slightly irritated). The following weekend I attempt a 30 minute run and Im practically in tears the next day. Now Im 2 weeks out and I am not sure that I will even make it onto the run course (walking hurt). A week passes and the pain is bearable. I ran 15 minutes after our final easy ride at Amy and Rich’s house, the foot isn’t that bad and now I know that Im going to go for it in Florida.

So we pack up the truck and off we go. Yes, we drove! Steve R. and Kelly were in my ride. Peter and Rich C. were our follow group in the mini Escalade. We had a blast on the way down, even though Kelly forced us to go to Hooters for lunch. Once we were in Panama City it was apparent to me that this is an awesome location for an Ironman. It has a resort feel, it’s very relaxing and it will keep my mind off the fact that we were going to do an Ironman in a few days, Yikes! Even the spectators who came to see the Ironman got to enjoy the beach life while we would go out and do some easy training. Spectating is a difficult task that takes a lot of energy to stay with the athletes throughout the day (This will be Kelly’s families first exposure to her crazy life of being an Irongirl and Im sure they will need a few days of rest after this event).

We get to the condo without an incident. our crib is awesome and has a front row seat to the Gulf of Mexico, NICE! I know Patty will be psyched to see this place (Tom and Patty will be staying with us for the week).

Race Report will be ready soon