mini crib to compound ride

mini crib to compound ride

It’s time again for the 112 mile ride from Andy’s house in Millbury to his parents house on the Cape. We did it on Saturday last year and had to deal with some heavy cape traffic. This years plan is to leave on friday.

We shove off just after 6AM and the journey begins. This is not a race or a hammerfest, but we do like to average around 20mph for the whole ride. This will be a little more difficult with 4 people (We had 5 people last year and averaged 20.5). The first 25 miles are a combination of hills and flats. After that it starts to get flatter and a lot easier to get into a groove. We seem to be working well together and before you know it we are in Middleboro. Most of the course seems somewhat familiar until we round the rotary and head onto Rt.44.  This road doesn’t seem familiar. It has a guardrail in the middle and a rumple strip in the breakdown lane. Did they just install the guard rail over the winter? New rumple strip? A few miles later things don’t seem familiar, but we continue on. The cool thing about this road is that it is one lane and the cars are cranking by us and we are getting a good draft. The draft is good from the cars, but not so good when the big trucks come by and slightly give you what feels like a shove sideways. 20 miles later we are still on this road and there is no end in sight, no stores in sight. Just guardrails and rumple strips. We finally see the end of Rt.44 and our options are to go North or South on Rt.3 (Not 3A). Route 3 South is our exit and we are finally off the single lane highway and onto a 3 lane highway (cars are now blowing by at 70mph). This is interesting. We get off the first exit and pull into a Mobil for some fluids. For the hell of it I check the computer and notice that we have already traveled 74 miles at 22mph. This is kinda fast so I decide to get the “Super Sized” Snickers bar to help get me to the cape without a major bonk. We eat, fill our bottles and we are off to Rt. 3A South. As we are cruising along the ocean I am amazed at the amount of hills. The hills around Plymouth are tough and we have to kick it down a notch to keep everyone from getting beat up. We get to a fork in the road and I decide to go right. Seemed correct, but puts us slightly off course (again). The good thing is that it drops us off onto Rt.6 and we are able to jump on the Canal bike path. We tool down the bike path for a mile which takes us to the Sagamore bridge. I jump onto the sidewalk and pinch my rear tire on the granite curb (my bad). I fix the flat and we are off, onto the mini sidewalk that puts you about two feet from the cars blowing by in the opposite direction (don’t look down). The Bourne bridge is much nicer, it has a huge sidewalk and it heads in the same direction as the traffic. After the bridge crossing we dump onto Rt. 6A which has just been repaved and is 100 times smoother than last years bumpy ride. The pace get’s slightly fast but we are able to cruise to the compound. We finish with about 120 miles and just under 21mph average speed. Not bad considering we put ourselves slightly out of the way and added a lot more hills and miles. Here is the link to the data.

On Saturday we swam a mile with Thousands of Jelly Fish (Andy, Sara & I). Had several drinks Saturday night and ran the Falmouth Road Race on Sunday. Got some sun and had a ton of fun.

Lessons leaned:

  • Bring your full length wetsuit when you swim with Jelly Fish
  • Don’t wear a Black long sleeve in a race when it’s in the mid 80’s
  • Don’t worry about how much you drink the night before
  • Look at the map before you bike to the Cape
  • Mr Salmon will never run out of pitchers or pancakes
  • Wood Fired Scrod sucks
  • Tequila makes me sleep good
  • I can ride my bike with no handelbars, no handelbars
  • The Salmons know how to party