Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2009

Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2009

This weekend was the big race down in New Orleans. What a fun place to do a race with your teammates.

The weekend started with a 23 hour drive on Thursday (Westfield to New Orleans). It isn’t as bad as it sounds, Laura and Dave made the trip with us and we had 4 available drivers. We got there early Friday and had a chance to check out the French quarter before everything opened. Then we headed to the house and were impressed with the temporary crib. By mid morning the rest of the gang showed up and it was a blur from mid day Friday until the underwear run on Saturday night.

Sunday morning came quick and we al split up to do our own races and paces (some were doing marathon, the Half or the 5k). Doug and I lined up together and were both doing the Half Marathon. We took it out smooth and were clicking off 7 flat pace per mile. Then at about mile 4-5 he seemed to turn it up a notch (6:50’s) and I had to stay at the 7 to 7:10 pace. At about mile 10 I could see him up the road and a cranked out a 6:55 but it seemed as though he was running as fast or faster. I came through the finish at 1:33 (7:07 pace) and change. Im actually thrilled with the time considering it is the middle of the winter and it is usually a time that I tend to slow down from the lack of fitness. Plus we partied our asses off the last few days.

The ride home was more difficult than the Ironman. It rained and then snowed for the first 17 hours of the 23 hour drive. We never stopped and got home at 4:30AM Tuesday.

WOW………..That was one crazy 5 day adventure ……………. good Stuff