It’s all about the bike?

It’s all about the bike?

It’s all about the bike? man do I wish that was true!

New bike, new shoes and new Zipp stickers. Will this be the combination to go fast this year? It would be cool if that’s all it took. But, how much fun would it be if you bought your way into shape?

The real pleasure comes from the training. How many sports can you do where you can cover a hundred miles using your own power and still be home by lunch? You want another thrill? Peddle your ass off at the top of Monson road and reach speeds of 60 miles per hour on one of the sweetest descends around. The cool thing about this hill is that you still have full control but the bike feels like it is floating over the cracks in the road because of the speed. It’s all fun and games until a squirrel decides to drop a nut.

Were am I going with this? Sometimes you just need new things to mix it up a little. My parents do it every year with a new house. All I need to re-invent myself is a new bike. This is the year that I hope to get back to 2004 shape and then take it to the next level. it will involve a whole new way of training, nutrition and focus. The great part about trying this is that I have nothing to loose. I will be 45 this winter and my focus will be on the Boston Marathon, Lake Placid Ironman and Ironman Florida. This will be a lot for this Grampa to accomplish, but you gotta set your goals high.

Gotta go, I got to get ready for the Webster Tri