What’s harder – Weeding or Triathlon’s?

What’s harder – Weeding or Triathlon’s?

For me the most demanding on my body is the weeding. I can do a Triathlon and feel slightly sore. If I weed, I can’t walk for a week! Are my shoes to stiff, Could it be the carbon fibre sole’s? Is my spandex to tight? Should I be wearing an aero helmet? Did I remember to pick up another bottle of Nair? Should I let the sideburns grow long again? These are just some of the questions that surround me while Im laying in bed with continuous muscle spasms from a day of weeding.

After contemplating about getting on board with QT2, I finally decided to make the plunge with the fact that I might need a coach to get to the next level. I had my first meeting with Cait Snow yesterday. Cait is a Pro Triathlete and she will be training me from here on. I have been doing Tri’s for 16 years and have never had any guidance. I think she will have her hands full with the fact that I do everything wrong. Not that everything I did was wrong, it’s the way I would wing everything and have no direction in the Science of the sport. I might not be doing 100 mile rides the day before races, I might not be eating a coffee roll on the way to a Sprint Tri, I might have to ride the trainer more than once a year. The good news is that the old school training got me to do a 10:30 at Lake Placid. Now let’s see what a coach, nutritionist and training based upon the methods being used by the top triathletes in our area can do for me.

There are 2 rides that I hope to incorporate into my plan:

The Tuesday A-Ride (intervals and power) and the Wednesday night recovery ride to get my legs back to normal from the Tuesday night beating.

Last Tuesday was a killer ride. Matt and I were part of a group of 12 for a fast 65 mile ride. The 21mph pace is deceiving because it was so hard that I had to continue to roll slow while we were waiting for riders to catch back on…………..Good Stuff