Detroit Half Marathon – Kelly steals the show

Detroit Half Marathon – Kelly steals the show

Detroit Summary:

Not a lot to do in the city. lots of rundown buildings. Beautiful Baseball Stadium. Great Marathon and Half Marathon. I ran well, but Kelly stole the show!

My original plan was to go to Detroit to run the marathon. That all changed with a quick twist of the ankle into a pothole back in July. So, the Half Marathon was the next option. The nice thing was the fact that I was going into this event with no expectations. So I figured I should just go for it because I got nothing to lose.

On Saturday I went thru the carb loading phase with Kelly and then it was off to The Big House for some Michigan Football. The kids at the game were fun, the stadium is huge and the game was a blowout (they crushed Delaware). After the game it was off for an early supper and then back to the hotel for a light evening. Sunday morning came quick and it was off to the lobby to meet Trish and her friend Adrienne (they both were doing their first marathon). From the lobby we walked to the start. It took a while to get to the bag check. This meant by the time we got to the corral’s, there wasn’t much time for nerves. The start was within 15 minutes. With 18,000 runners I figured it would be tough to get into the corral. I walked up towards the front, there was a separation in the fence and I was able to line up in the front. Well, that went a lot smoother than I thought. Before I know it they are counting down 10, 9, 8, etc ……….. Go!

I hit the first mile in 6:40 and it feels good. My plan was to run by feel and I seemed to settle in at about a 6:45 pace. This pace continued into Canada and was going fine until approx. mile 9. My breathing was fine but my foot started to tighten and now Im starting to run tight. I tried to keep lose and my pain is only slightly uncomfortable. The only worry I have right now is that I could do damage if it starts to get worse. Over the next mile it doesn’t seem to get worse and I only have a 5k to go. My average pace has slowed to 8:52 and I am starting to do the math in my head for a projected finish time. I know that 7 minute pace will give me a 1:32 ish. At this point I would be thrilled with a 1:32, but will the foot tighten and before I know it Im walking and a 1:40 might be out of the question. I keep thinking positive and before I know it Im at mile 11. Now Im thinking I have 2.1 miles to go and I am going to go for it. I cruise through the next mile at 6:55 and the watch is now showing me that I have just over 7 minutes to run the final 1.1 miles. I pick the pace up and pull a 6:34 out of my @ss. Now I got a tenth of a mile and a boatload of time to break the 1:30 barrier. I hit the line and my watch say’s 1:29:52. My best Half in over 7 years and only 3 minutes off my PR. Could it get any better than this? Guess what ……… It does get better (Read Kelly’s Race Report).

After the race I found what ever crap I could eat. This is my day off and the reward for a hard workout. First on the list was a Pumpkin Spice latte. Not sure why, but the billboard was cool looking and it sounded like a tasty treat (it was all of that). Then I had a muffin, several kit kats, fig newtons, etc…

But the real meal was going to be Uno’s pizza. The plan is to jump in the car, haul @ss to Buffalo and hit Uno’s for Supper. Great plan, until we get to the border and it’s Sunday and a million other people want to cross the border also. We finally get into Canada and it’s go time. Most of the trip through Canada goes well (Most). There was one section of construction that has us going from 3 lanes to 1. After a 35 minute backup we are back up to 149 Kilometers per hour (150 kph carries a penalty of license suspension on the spot). I am to sore to walk home from Canada, so 149 it is. Now Im about to gnaw my arm off from hunger, but the thought of pizza with sausage keeps me focused on the job at hand. We get to Buffalo around 7PM and before you know it Trish, Kelly and I are at the bar. I order a beer, consume some nachos and something isn’t right. I am getting a stomach ache. I haven’t had a stomach ache since I was 2 years old and I ate a box of crayons. Tell me it isn’t so, I have a sausage flatbread pizza coming. I can’t tap out now, I have been thinking about this meal for the last 300 miles. Say it isn’t so. 4 months of Detox and my body is rebelling the day I go Uno’s. A few minutes later the pain is gone and “Whew” false alarm. I can still eat the crap I used to eat. The pizza comes and I crushed it. I even ate the crumbs. After a quick fill at the gas station I stopped for a coffee an 2 donuts. Yes, 2 donuts ( I know how to take advantage of my bad days). Because of my lack of caffeine, that coffee got me home from Buffalo without stopping once. Made it home just after 1AM and don’t remember a thing once my head hit the pillow.

What a great weekend!

Kelly qualified for Boston and I had a very good race.

I ate whatever I wanted.