Im off the Grid! – What will I do?

Im off the Grid! – What will I do?

Say it isn’t so! I just got word that I need to take some time off.

My plan original plan was to take Monday off, start biking on Tuesday, start swimming on Wednesday. This plan would have giving me a full day off between Detroit and my first bike. That was my plan. That’s not what Cait had in mind.

Her first question was “When was the last time you have taken a full week off”?

My answer: Hmmmmmm

Now Im thinking, If I have to take a week off, That would be he!l, but I think I could manage.

Then she hits me with a cinder block. Her next statement is “let’s take 3 weeks off and then let’s hit it hard”

My answer: $@%#*&*#@! ……………… Okay

WOW! No swim, bike or run for 3 weeks. This will be weird. Will I get Fat?

All in all this is the best time to take some time off. My next big race isn’t until May (St. Croix). We have the Florida sign up party, I mean trip in 2 weeks. Panama city will be a great way to celebrate my final days off the grid.

Well, it took me 17 weeks to lose 9 pounds. I don’t think that I will gain it all back in 3. Plus, the ankle could use some additional healing time. The nutrition program has been tough and it would be nice to deviate (slightly) for a few weeks before I start training again.

The statement “then let’s hit it hard” has me thinking. How freakin hard will it be? Will I be dreaming about time off? Will the workouts be to hard? Will I be swearing at her?

Will I cry?

I guess I will have to wait until November 6th to find out.

This gives me 17 days with my old friend Andy & Jack ……….. Didn’t say I couldn’t do that!