Florida Ironman 2010 – We are in!

Florida Ironman 2010 – We are in!

I know what your thinking. This picture is wrong!

I agree ………… Laura is wearing way to many clothes.

I still don’t know how I ended up in the Mankini. I minute Im drinking beers. The next minute Kelly is suggesting that I gear down because they were all in bikinis and speedos. I guess the beers would explain it. We then headed to the start/finish area to cheer on the athletes. We did bring a smile to many struggling athletes.

This was just a taste of how much fun we had:

We drank German beer, did the hokey pokey, the girls danced on the bar, I ate everything that I could, did the chicken dance, didn’t sleep much, bought Newtons, volunteered, fixed a few computers at the registration tent, fixed a flat for an athlete, had a waitress with wings on her taters, got carried by tater, ran on the beach, coyote ugly girls rock, drank coffee, almost puked, almost swam, found out that the women love to get their picture with Mankini guy ………………….. oh ya, I almost forgot. We also signed up for the Florida Ironman.