Peppermint Bark – It’s like crack

Peppermint Bark – It’s like crack

For some time I have seen this Peppermint Bark, but had yet to taste it. It looked awesome and was already made into these yummy little bite sized pieces. Not that everything in Williams Sonoma doesn’t look and smell awesome, but those little xmass peppermint treats look extra tasty. I finally cracked one day and it was all over. I can easily crush a tin in one sitting! If Superman weakness is Kryptonite – mine is Peppermint Bark.

This winter has been slightly different because I have someone looking over my shoulder if I decide to grab a piece. How do you explain how you consumed 2,240 calories in under an hour? (Yes, I have done the math for the calories in a complete 1 pound tin). I have even contemplated running for 2 hours, downing a tin and then cycling for another few hours. Why run then bike? Doing the bike first would not be smart knowing that you would have a pound of peppermint in your tummy during a 2 hour run (might get some undesirable results). All in all I have been real good and I have only had an occasional taste here and there. Because of the fact that I can longer eat it when I want. Explains why I had a

dream/nightmare about it last night.

This is how the whole nightmare started: Im walking thru Best Buy and Im approaching the back of the store and I get a whiff of the Bark. For some reason I have a sixth sense for this stuff. The pace picks up from a brisk walk to an all out sprint. Im now making a beeline for Williams Sonoma. I might even trampled a few kids that were in the way, but I was in Peppermint heaven and Im not paying much attention to whatever that is going on around me. As I approach the store I can see the women with the apron on walking around with a tray of the “Good Stuff” (samplers). I walk up, grab a rather large handful and she gives me the look. I told her that I hadn’t eating in 3 weeks and I will probably buying this product “if I like it”. Now I have to figure out how I can get more…….Then it comes to me……… I ditch my coat, take my hat off and throw on my sunglasses. I walk back over and snag another handful. She looks closely at me and Im thinking that I might be busted. I think quick and start asking her about waffle makers. As she turns to point me in the right direction, I am able to snatch the remaining bark and make a quick getaway. I know that there will be more, so I go for a swim at Russell pond (it’s a dream and it shouldn’t make sense). Now Im back in the store and no one is in sight. All the lights in the mall are off, the doors are all closed. It’s Just me and the peppermint bark! All I remember is licking all the candy cane chunks off every single tin. I then woke up and found myself gnawing on my pillow.

This dream was weird!  Real weird!

I would never lick the candy canes off ……… I always eat em whole!

“Never take a piece and break it down and put some back”

Im pretty sure I could live on peppermint bark and Jack Daniels (for at least a week)