Hyannis Half Marathon – I can’t run that fast!

Hyannis Half Marathon – I can’t run that fast!

I have been looking forward to this race all Winter. I ran Detroit in the Fall and somehow ran a sub 1:30 after the sprained ankle. I had a great race and I wanted to repeat that type of performance. Im thinking I got a shot at 1:28 ish.

We left work at 2PM on Friday and headed to the Salmon’s. The game plan was for us to get to the Cape, do our workout and get a bite to eat. When we got to their house, Andy wasn’t looking good. He had the stomach virus and was lying in bed. Okay, plan B. we won’t head to the cape tonight and this way he can rest. Julie, Kelly and I hit a pub for a nice dinner. I fell of the diet wagon and ordered some bad stuff (which was good stuff).

Saturday AM Andy was looking better and we bolted to the Cape. I think I was doing 98mph knowing that we were on our way to our carb load breakfast in West Dennis. Yes, I am supposed to eat the things that I can not eat on a normal basis. Pancakes, toast, home fries. I crushed my plate, finished kelly’s plate. I was sore when I was done (hurt’s so good). Andy only ate half his plate and this was good/bad. It’s good that he could eat, but it’s bad that he couldn’t eat them all. We are the pancake champs. We ate so many one day that Mr. Salmon got pissed and made him make the rest of them for our little contest last summer. After breakfast we head to the compound and unpack. Now Julie’s not feeling good. This is not good. The odds of Kelly and I getting sick are stacking up. So we head to Hyannis to pick up our numbers and let Julie rest. Here is another sign that Andy isn’t right. He didn’t finish a beer at the British Beer Company. Who stole Andy! The day goes on and he is able to get a Turkey sub down. After lunch he starts discussing pace. He asks me what pace that Cait has me running? I told him that she didn’t give me a pace. He shoots her a note and she responds “I emailed it to him Friday”. I never got it because we left work early, so I logged in and it reads “go out at 6:30 pace and hold it for as long as you can”. 6:30 pace! that is a 1:25 Half marathon. My best time ever is 1:26. 6:30 PACE! I CAN’T RUN THAT FAST!

Sunday morning we get up and we all eat our QT2 breakfast and then head to Hyannis. The weather was perfect, Overcast and slightly chilly. Not a lot of time to relax, so we get organized and we all head off in different directions to warm up. This is the time you try to get your game plan finalized in your head and find a big tree to take a final leak (the sani can lines were insane). I finish the warmup and head to the start line. I line up in the front and I am surrounded by some real fast runners. I figured I would stand just behind Andy and Pat. The gun goes off and I let them slowly pull away knowing that I had to hit the 1-mile mark in about 6:30. I am cruising along and feeling good …….. I look to my right and Cait is giving me the look. This was a look of “why are you going so fast”. I look down at the watch and it looks like I am running around 5:50 pace (this was her pace, not mine). Opps …….. I think I will back it down. I hit the first mile at 6:21 and all is good. Just after the mile Doug pulls along side and we run together for the next mile. Then he picks up the pace and I have to let him go. I know that I have to stay on track with the 6:30 pace or I will get my @ss kicked by Cait if I go to fast early and then I don’t hit my numbers. Im not really gonna bore you with a mile by mile report ………. so let’s fast forward to mile 10. At this point my average pace is 6:28 and now I have to start digging deep to hit the 6:30 average for the whole 13.1 miles. The next few miles my legs are starting to feel smoked but now I know that it is all up to me to stay on track. These are the miles that your body is hurting and you just got to go deep into the “hurt locker”. I knew I had a shot at running the time I was supposed to and I was not going to let Cait or myself down. I hit mile 13 at 1:24 and now I know I got it. The finish line is right there. Even though the course was long (13.26) miles. I still clocked a 1:25 and beat my previous best of 1:26 (about 6 years ago).

Well, so far this whole coaching thing seems to be working out for the best. Im the lightest I have ever been in the Spring and I actually biked all Winter long (this is a first … EVER). Lake Placid is just around the corner and the preparation is taking shape. I have some unfinished business to take care of after the last time I went there and was totally unprepared to run 26.2 miles. I respect that course and vowed to come back ready to rock.