Could I do 2 PR’s in 28 days

Could I do 2 PR’s in 28 days

This months test is the Westfield Half Marathon. It was going to be a test to see if last month’s PR was a fluke or if I could better that time on a much more difficult course. Cait’s plan was for me to go out at 6:20 for the first mile and then settle in at 6:25 pace. Paulito is also racing this one and all I could remember was the last race we did together and he was breathing down my neck for the last 3 miles of the 10k. I somehow held off the kid as I totally buried myself for the last 2 miles (I still can hear his steps in my sleep – weird, but normal).

Off we go! I take off and try to hold back knowing that we are starting with the 5k crowd who will be blasting through the first mile and I don’t want to run to fast and explode. So, I back off and I feel real good as I hit the first mile. I look at the watch and I ran it in 6:30. Oh Crap! Im already behind schedule and I now have to deal with the next 3 miles of hills. One of the hills is the climb in front of our house which will slow the pace down to a crawl. So I run the hills the best I can without blowing up. I notice that Tim is on my tail and Im waiting for Paulito to pull along side. At mile 4 I crest the top and no Paulito (not knowing that he is on my tail). The number one rule is to never turn around while racing or they will know that you have cracked. You can’t worry about who is hunting you. At this point my average pace is around 6:47 and Im not sure if I can make it up after all the climbing. Im not gonna bore you with the mile by mile blah, blah, blah. Miles 4-10 go as planned and Im clicking off 6:25’s like clockwork (I can hear Tim’s watch beeping every mile, so I know he is still there). At mile 10 there is a small hill which used to kick my @ss, today was different, I was in cruise control and I just cranked up it. At the top I look at the watch and my average pace for the first 10 miles is now down to 6:34’s. Cait is not gonna be happy with me if I don’t get my pace down. She did tell me to kick the pace up a bit when I hit mile 11 if I can. As Im approaching mile 11, Paulito runs up along side of me and puts the pedal to the metal. I know that Im supposed to pick it up, but he is freakin flying. I run on his heels and as we round the corner he takes his baseball cap and rotates the visor from the front to the back (this signifies GAME ON) we hit mile 12 at 6:08 pace, OUCH. With just over a mile to go, all I can do is counter attack with a slightly hotter pace. I somehow was able to run a 5:57 final mile and kept the kid from making the pass (until the next race). Those last 2 miles saved my butt and I was able to lower my Half Marathon PR by almost another minute on a challenging course. I honestly didn’t think I was going to PR at mile 4. I surprised myself today.

After the race I had to do 3 hours on the bike. Normally I would say “No Freakin’ Way”

But, I now to do what ever Cait says if she can make me faster than ever at 45.

So, I rode for an hour outside, went to the pub to meet the peeps. Ate and drank many Guinness. Then I went home and detoxed on the trainer for the final 2 hours. Guinness sweat smells weird.

Next test:
St. Croix Half Ironman in 5 weeks

If I had a rearview mirror – this is what I would have seen for the first 11 miles