I am getting my @ss kicked – In a good way

I am getting my @ss kicked – In a good way

I have always enjoyed a challenge, and it seems like Cait has been trying her best to break me. Not that she is doing it on purpose, she is just trying to desensitize me on the pain that I will endure during the ironman.


Last weekend the workouts were tough and I was pretty smoked for most of this week. Todays workout was no joke and I was hoping to have some juice in the legs. The workout for today was 5:42 on the bike and then I had to immediately lace up the sneaks and run for 55 minutes. Im not afraid to admit that I was a little worried about this workout that was going to take close to 7 hours to complete solo (my furthest and hardest workout to date). Im doing this one solo for multiple reasons. One reason is that I don’t think I will get that many takers for a 110 mile bike ride and I really need to do this long workout solo to fine tune my mental toughness for the Ironman (plus I don’t want anyone seeing me crying if I crack).


So, off I went at 9AM from the crib. I headed North and rode for 2 hours and 51 minutes to the point were I made a U-turn and started my journey home (I made it to Guilford, VT). I was testing my race day nutrition and had all my food for the complete ride in my back pocket. I also had enough fluids for the first 3-4 hours and had to stop once to get a couple bottles of Gatorade yellow (this will be the exact same product that is handed out at the aid stations on race day as I run out of my bottles). Practice, practice, practice! So, I fueled up around mile 65 (race day will be easier because I don’t have to stop and I won’t have to ring it up at the register). The ride went well and I nailed my numbers as close as I could and ended up cranking out about 112 miles (weird ….. but normal). I pretty much threw my sneaks on grabbed my visor and off I went (off I went a little to fast). After about a mile I realized that I forgot my water bottle. Well, it’s hot …….. but it’s not St. Croix hot. So, I continue knowing that I just have to run for 55 minutes. The run went well and I banged out 7.5 miles. I could tell that my mouth was drying out over the last 2 miles, but I wasn’t letting anything slow my pace knowing that I was about to nail this workout.

Tomorrow will be my last hard day (2 runs of 1 hour each) until the race next Sunday in St. Croix. So, I just have to suck it up for 2 more runs on Sunday.

After the race I get my first easy week since November (which I will be enjoying on the beach after the race). I will probably be putting myself in a alcohol induced coma.