This place is insane ….. and the famous UPR underpants run

This place is insane ….. and the famous UPR underpants run

Wow ………. I have only been here for a few days and my head is spinning.  Wednesday I rode on the Queen K, ran on Ali Drive and then swam from the Pier. This would be similar to hitting some balls on the field at Yankee Stadium (almost like it was practice for the World Series on Saturday). You can’t help to feel like a rockstar here. Every manufacturer is nailing you with free swag ……… they want to see their products displayed on the big stage.

Later in the evening I got a call from Amy Warrington and she wanted to meet up with us for dinner. We ate, we talked, they drank, I drooled.

Today started off with my final easy swim/easy run. Then we had to suit up for the Underpants Run (or suit down). Yes, this an actual event (I have the official coolmax shirt and visor to prove it). The run starts with a oath, then you run for about a half mile., you then stretch, and then you finish the run. The spectators are lining both sides of Ali drive with cameras. They are loving the fact that there several hundred people are running down the street in their undergarments. From there it was off to the restaurant for a breakfast that Powerbar invited the QT2 athletes to. They bought us breakfast, gave us a ton of Gel’s, bars, drinks and hats. Wendy Ingram sat a few chairs down from me ……….. Faris Al-Sultan was a couple of tables over (Faris won Kona in 2005). From there I grabbed my bike and headed out to the queen K to spin my final miles before the biggest race of my life.

There are a few facts that I will have to deal with. It will be hot, it will be windy, the black volcanic rock makes it even hotter (hence why they use that in gas grills to help hold the heat). Most of the course is ugly in a mean sorta way. But that is why it has to be done, the harder something is ……… the more attractive it becomes to do. I have been giving my opportunity to do this and I will give it my all, knowing that I may never make it here again.

T minus 1 plus day ……. I have my mission ……. I will use all your thoughts, blog entries, forum posts, tweets, texts and kind words to make it happen.