A Century and a Wedding

A Century and a Wedding

As of friday night I had no weekend game plan for riding, so I decided to ride the Saturday morning Century (107 miles) with Alan Grant’s Beinedorm Club. They do this club century once a year. it starts in Collinsville, CT. Heads up to Westfield, then you do Jacobs Ladder (rt.20) to Great Barrington and then back to CT. It looked like a nice loop with about 4500 feet of climbing. My plan was to ride to Collinsville before the ride. That would give me a nice 30 mile warm-up and then Do the first 50-60 miles with Alan and then cut across Rt. 57 and head back home which would be 100 or so miles.

I jump on the bike at 6:30AM and head South on Rt.202. No wind and it was great 30 mile warmup. I pull into the parking lot and there is about 30 guys and gals (all in green and no Alan in site). Steve Breault pulls in and then Alan shows up.

The ride starts out flat and easy. Everyone knows they have 100 miles ahead of them and you don’t want to blow it early. The first 30-35 miles go by fast and we are already on Rt.20 with a good stretch of climbs on our way to Lee, MA. We stop at Great Barrington for lunch. This is about the halfway point for the century and I am already up to 80 miles. We regroup and take a few back roads and then we jump on Rt.57 and we have a nice 3 mile climb that wasn’t to bad until a few of the guys lit it up and I jumped on and was struggling to keep pace. the problem is that I was just on the front setting the pace for the last few miles and I was not prepared to put the hammer down. I was almost dropped, but it flattened out a little and i was able to bridge back on to the top of the climb. We regroup and at this point i need to split off and head home on Rt.57. Although, if I stay with the group, I will get in about 140 miles. What the heck, I only have a wedding later and that’s it. So I stay with the group and continue on back to CT. Alan has offered me a ride home if I do the whole century. It was meant to be!

We finish the ride and I decide to check the computer to see the stats. 138 miles with an average speed of over 19mph with over 4500 feet of climbing. This group was great to ride with, very similar to the cyclonauts. Don’t worry, Im not jumping ship.

Then it was off to the wedding, and I was only an hour late!