Webster Triathlon – if it rains, Im not going!

Webster Triathlon – if it rains, Im not going!

Saturday night I get a call from Matt DuFresne asking me if Im going to do the Webster Lake Tri on Sunday. His stance is that he will set the alarm for 5AM, take a look outside to see if it is raining. If it is raining, he will then proceed to slumber. If not, the we will head to Webster.

The alarm goes off and I peek outside. Pavement is dry and it doesn’t look half bad out (plus it’s warm). So I call Matt and the plan is to meet at McD’s on Rt.291 so we can carpool. Kelly, Chris and Andrea have all bailed for a multitude of reasons and it’s just Matt and I today. As we cruise east on the Mass Pike we start to hit some fog around Charlton, then rain after Sturbridge. The general rule I have on rain is, if you are a least halfway to an event and it starts to rain, then you are committed to do it. Plus, it might not be raining in Webster. We get to Webster and it’s not raining, It’s Pouring! Mary and Doug pull in just ahead of us and they even brought raincoats (Matt didn’t even bring a jacket). As we are racking the bikes, the sky just let’s loose. At this point it just makes sense to grab the wetsuit and head for the water. This is my 4th swim this year and I am going to get my butt kicked. So today’s goal is to get through the swim, hammer the bike and just hold my ground on the run.

They split the ages up into 4 different swim waves. We are in the 4th and final wave (I like being in the last wave). 3,2,1 and we are off. The swim seems like it takes forever, but I make it through and Im back on land. I put my gear on and head out on the bike. The first few miles are rolling hills and a headwind. It doesn’t feel like I am going that fast, but Im passing a lot of people. My computer isn’t working because of the rain, so that’s another reason I can’t tell if Im going slow or if I just feel slow. I catch up to Iron Will and I give him some words of encouragement on my way by. After the few miles of rollers you hit this pretty good climb. This section hurts! The climb goes well for me and now it’s a rough descend with holes, sand, cautious riders and a sharp right turn at the bottom. I get through unscathed and now have a beautiful section of roads with a tailwind. This section was so fast at times that i was in my biggest gear and could have used a few more. I pass by several Cyclonauts, I am now in the zone and I am just focusing on the terrain ahead. Now I am slowly gaining on a Cyclonaut, and it takes me a few miles to catch him (It was Doron). I pass him about a half mile from the finish and head to transition. The run starts out up a small hill and I feel like mud. But, I am holding my ground and passing people here and there. The good news is that my body feels good and I am not having any knee or hamstring issues. I finish and I feel great, I hope this is a sign of things to come.


I even did a 5 mile run with Kelly when I got home. And Im glad I did the race (even though it rained)