Bike Week – Laconia, NH

Bike Week – Laconia, NH

We headed out Thursday around lunch time. Kelly and laura had the truck and trailer. Paul and I rode up on the bikes. Last year we rode up and got hammered by rain. Hence, why i have the trailer.

Today was blue skies and not a hint of rain. The ride up went well until around the Concord area where we took some back roads to avoid the highway. I think we were doing 55-65 mph on this bumpy stretch of road. We got to the hotel and opened the trailer. Laura’s bike had worked it’s way loose and was lying on it’s side. Fortunately nothing broke, it just slightly bent her handle bar (we got lucky). We then all headed out on the bikes for a mellow evening. We even got to go to Burger King for supper.

Friday morning we got up early to run. Kelly and I were both going to run for an hour. Even though we didn’t run together, we both finished at the same time. I got over 7 miles in and felt really good (I think it was the midnight Burger King meal). Then we headed to Weir’s beach where all the action takes place at bike week. I think we hit the brew’s around noon and continued into the evening. We met up with Glenn and his new girl, Dee. This is about the time that the girls got their pic with the bartenders (above). I even came close to closing a deal on a chopper. No, Im not trading in the Fatboy.

Saturday morning I was the only one up for a run. The sun and alcohol left Kelly with a nasty headache and running would not have helped. While running my mind and body was telling me to do another hour, but common sense said just do a half hour and let’s not

re-aggravate the knee. I just felt awesome, It was one of those days were you feel like you could run forever. Then it was off to Weirs Beach to meet up with Gino. We walked around the booth’s and it is now getting Hot. Booze is not top of the list right now because of the massive amounts that we consumed yesterday. A few hours later we ran into the rest of the group. Now it’s back to the bottle for the rest of the day. I did make 1 stop at the chopper dealer to see if it was still there. It was! I think it is meant to be, or something like that.

Sunday I got up (slowly) and threw on the running shoes and off I go. I step outside and BOOM! The air is thick and muggy. My plan is to run for a half hour. Today the legs are not cooperating and I swear the quads are filled with cement (or Corona’s). One day you feel like a God, the next day it’s back to reality. Today it’s going to be in the 90’s and humid. So we head to Weir’s Beach (to the actual beach). for some much needed R&R by the water. We are heading home today. So we head back to the hotel to load up. It is smoking hot out. It’s the combination of blacktop and the engine of the motorcycle, plus I wear jeans and a T-shirt when I ride (or my exhaust pipes will melt any exposed skin and Im not allowed to wear a muscle shirt till I get the big guns or at least a big tatoo). Laura and I will be riding the bikes home today. This was a challenging 160 mile ride with only 1 stop for fluids. What a beautiful ride home, except that it was close to 100 degrees and my face got burnt to a crisp. The good news is I only gained a few pounds and had an awesome time (No, I didn’t come home with the chopper, Yet).